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Your custom website design and web application development company, turnkey website solutions, hosting, SEO, and management. One network capable of solving all of your residential and commercial needs. Boosting rental income with a face lift to replacing windows and getting your property on the web a member of our staff is there to support you

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Winter Is Almost Here
Winterization is a must don’t let all your pipes bust. Call today to reserve your appointment.. .


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Did your Investment property rent for at least 30 weeks this season
Call today and let Terry boost your rental income a fresh new look can guarantee new renters..


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OBX SERVICE Technology work force has three divisions to meet your needs
Our full service residential team can cover all aspects of your properties needs. We specialize in general computer cable, telephone, and internet installation repair and maintenance.

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IT Services
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Computer Tech Services are no longer just a guy with glasses at a help desk. Almost every aspect of our lives are now filled with technology at OBX SERVICE we have the staff, time, and technology to solve all your information technology needs. Weather you need your new smart phone programmed your rental property cable service repaired or your office set up with a top security network to accommodate up to 250 users we are here to help.

Residential Services

OBX SERVICE Technology work force has three divisions to meet your needs. Our full service residential team can cover all aspects of your properties needs. We specialize in general computer cable, telephone, and internet installation repair and maintenance. Has your cable gone out at your rental property and you are too far away to assist your tenants? A trained member of our staff can meet a technician, visit your local service providers, and repair or replace all necessary equipment at your property. Are you ready to take your residence Wireless? We can purchase all the equipment necessary or coordinate with your current provider to get your network up and running fast and cheep. With our *NAME YOUR PRICE SERVICE we let you decide what your network is worth to you. Did you purchase a new computer and cant get on the internet or is your computer constantly freezing up or do you just need some new software installed? We can meet you 24hrs a day 7 days a week and solve all your issues as a member of our staff takes the time to explain what we are doing so we can eliminate the need for a call in the future. HELP Are you on Vacation on the outer banks and you cant get on the internet or did your computer crash? We are just a call away we provide full service technical assistance while you are on vacation. If you just want to learn a new system or get your laptop or IPAD ready to go back to work call us today and let us show you how we can help for a fraction of the cost of the big brand stores in your home town.

Commercial Services

Internet & Marketing Offering a full range of consulting & freelance design services ranging from corporate identity design, print & marketing, collateral creation and PowerPoint presentation design to, instructional manuals, administrative assertiveness seminars, and client relationship management strategies. • Seven years of accumulated skills including shadowing top designers. • A wide range of industries served including but not limited to Aeronautical, healthcare, photography, health & safety, online marketing, and real estate. • 100% Costumer satisfaction with 90% of my business being generated by referrals. • Worked with top companies such as CBRE Richard Ellis, Cabell Childress & Associates, & Tre Properties.

A Real-estate Life Saver are you ready to wow your clients and get their properties sold or rented fast. Our freelance real-estate division can produce the materials you need at a price you can afford. Do you not have time or the experience necessary to professionally photograph your listings and create top level marketing materials. Is mls not getting showings to your listings? Are your Clients Complaining you are not doing enough to get their home sold? Do you think you could get and sell more listings if every property you listed had its own web page with virtual photos and endless space for information. Call today to find out how inexpensive these services can really be.

About Us Plumbing & Remodeling
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OUR PLUMBING SERVICES At Michael Askew Plumbing we are committed to offering you the best plumbing & Remodeling services in the business. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority for over 37 Years

EMERGENCY PLUMBING Because we value our customers, we have 24/7 plumbing technicians available for you. Do not hesitate to call us when any plumbing emergency arises day or night.

FREE ESTIMATES We offer free plumbing quotation for all your plumbing needs. No job is too big or too small for the Michael Askew team.

EXPERT REPAIRS We specialize in all types of plumbing repair. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and repairing all types of plumbing problems. Our trucks are stocked with top quality branded plumbing parts for all your plumbing needs.

LEAKS AND RE-PIPING Plumbing does not last forever; We are specialized in leak repair and can repair or replace your plumbing by re-piping your hot and cold water plumbing systems. Contact us and we will have a knowledgeable technician assess your plumbing needs and provide you with a free quote.

WATER HEATERS We can repair or replace all types of water heaters. We offer installation and repairs for both commercial and residential water heaters. We feature hot water circulating systems that will provide instant hot water, saving you water and money.

SEWER AND DRAIN We offer video camera technology to inspect your sewer and drain lines. We run a small video camera down your lines to diagnose potential problems and pin point its exact location. We can repair a small section of the sewer and drain line or do entire sewer replacement. Michael Askew plumbing offers all types of sewer cleaning, from removing stoppages to high-pressure water jetting.

REMODELING From replacing fixtures have to complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling we do it all. Our team of plumbing experts can help you through the entire remodeling process. Contact us today to get started

BACKFLOW TESTING AND MAINTENANCE Backflow preventers are required by law to be tested and certified annually. We can install, repair, insulate and test all types of backflow preventers. Contact our office to schedule your maintenance. Remember, insulating backflows can prevent costly replacement..

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Cottage Consulting
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If you are considering the refurbishment your resort property or want advice on furnishing a new one, wouldn’t it be great to find one single company to handle all of your interior design needs? Ocean Rentals is well qualified to help guide you through the challenges of this type of project, plus many more. Several years ago, we decided to increase our service capabilities by manufacturing what we design, creating specific products that are needed for each residential, commercial and hospitality application.

By providing true ‘turn-key’ solutions to design issues, we are able to able to handle all facets of the required work without the need for outsourcing or paying the middleman’s markup or designers’ commissions. Services include inter design, product development, manufacturing, purchasing, delivery, and installation of almost anything your personal home or investment property may need.

Beachfront income properties have their own particular set of concerns when it comes to interior design. Condo packages may meet budget goals, but often contain inferior quality pieces that don’t last. Vacation renters inflict heavy use; they track in sand, walk on carpets dripping wet, sit on furniture in wet bathing suits, and set drinks everywhere. Sofa cushions fade quickly from pool chlorine and dining chairs are spotted and stained; and it seems like the kids use the curtain rods for monkey bars! The sensible owner will make planned purchases annually to ensure the unit’s interior will continue to be fresh and properly functioning.